How To Care for your Faux Leather

Amber Dryden

Posted on February 28 2023

How To Care for your Faux Leather

Hi friends!

Faux leather is a huge trend right now because of its stylish and comfortable look! It is a sensitive fabric that can easily be ruined or destroyed and we are here to help you make yours last!

Here are some tips for washing your faux leather:

Faux Leather should be washed in cold water. Hot water or sometimes even warm water can cause your faux leather to melt. Keep the instructions on your garment’s care label in mind as

If it says “hand washes only”, follow those instructions to prevent damage.
Use a mild detergent when washing your faux leather. Removing stains from faux leather material is simple and doesn’t require much but a small amount of gentle soap and water.

If you choose not to hand wash, choose a delicate/gentle cycle on your machine. Turn your garment inside out. Faux leather is usually soiled from the inside because of body oils from the skin. This will allow the detergent and water to reach the interior surface easily.

Never put your faux leather garments in the dryer. It can destroy it by causing it to shrink or melt. Air dry your garments by hanging them or placing them on a flat dry surface.

The drying process can take up to 24 hours. To save some time, you can dry them with a microfiber towel.

Take great care of your faux leather garments so you can style and profile in them for the next
few years!

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